Terms of use

Works protected by copyright may be used for personal and for teaching and scientific research purposes. Publishing or distribution of such works requires the authorisation of the rights holder, and when using it for other than personal purposes the author should be credited (source: digital archive DIGAR)

If the work has been given a free use license, the usage conditions of the license should be observed. Please read the usage conditions of Creative Commons licenses (link). Any work with Creative Commons 0 license (CC0 – No Rights Reserved) has been provided by the autor for free use without any conditions.

Orphan works may be used for personal and for teaching and scientific research purposes, their use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Access to the work may be restricted by making it available only on the LAN or in an authorised workplace. In such case the work can be viewed only on the premises of the National Library of Estonia. Recording of the work may be restricted both in public network and the LAN. Authorised workplace does not enable recording.

If the copyright term has expired, the work can be used without any restrictions, observing the protection of the authorship of the work, name of the author, honour and reputation of the author and title of the work without a term.

The National Library of Estonia shall not be responsible for the unlawful use of any work, the user of the work must identify if the work is protected by copyright and what uses are permitted.